Communication module in the Certificate in Agriculture Fetac level 5

Communication Module – Certificate in Agriculture Fetac Level 5

Continuous education is a lifelong gift to oneself. We deliver a Communication module in the Certificate in Agriculture Fetac level 5 part-time option. Observing the personalities develop as the course evolves it’s evident that by nurturing people they grow into the opportunities and graduate with confidence.

Many farmers participate in the KT programme Knowledge Transfer. One specific meeting usually held in the second year of the programme is the Progression Meeting. We have designed and deliver specifically in a workshop style for KT -Knowledge Transfer groups. Using the combined experience of succession planning, facilitating difficult conversations and mediating family differences, the feedback from participants and advisors is hugely positive culminating in proactive action. This Progression meeting is insightful, informative, practical and beneficial. Create the time and attend a Progression meeting, if it’s not available in your area just ask and we will endeavour to facilitate your group.

How we learn by reading the text, listening to the experience of others, observing and applying the skill practically. Participating in group discussion, farm walks, observing best practice, staying connected to positively disposed members of the farming and agricultural sector are important links of support and appreciated though not always acknowledged. We each learn differently.

We teach these skills;

  • Prepare and deliver the best presentation.
  • A first speech
  • Interview skills

We teach these skills.

Training in Communication and Presentation Skills

  • If you need to deliver a presentation or make a speech we will work at your pace.
  • Overcome the fear and give of your very best before the audience.
  • One to one personalised session
  • Individually designed to cater for small groups
  • Group workshops facilitating difficult conversations tailored to suit specific challenges.


Topics include Succession Planning for your business, leadership skills, facilitating difficult conversations, preparing for the next phase of life.

  • In class room tutoring available.
  • Half day and full day tutoring.
  • Longer courses available and designed specifically to suit the needs of the group
  • Mentoring
  • Individual families/groups

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